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    Free Gold Members Privilege


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    Free Gold Members Privilege

    Post  BlackPearl on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:06 am

    Wanna know how to get the Free Gold Members privilege to boost up for the Dota Rooms 5sec waiting time?

    Simply Played out DarkOrbit in the Category of Garena SideBar and its goner be dam real fast to Levels Out!

    And here it goes for the Lvlin BOnus:
    • Every 3 Levels that you gain, you achieve 1 week Garena G.M. privilege. CoOl IsnT it?

    PLus Plus you gotta try out the DarkOrbit not that im promoting becuz theres a regular event out there which seriously help u earns a big bucks. cheers

    MuSic Sp3aK B3yOnD WOrDs, B3yOnD L@nGuaGe

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